We at Rosewood Village RV Park would like to extend warm welcome to you. We are happily committed to making every effort to help this be a place you will love to call home, no matter the length of stay. If it's only a pause on your journey we want it to stand out as a pleasant memory. We are going to do our part to attend to the kind of details that will meet with your satisfaction and comfort. We invite your suggestions to help us better serve you.

Of course it is understood that any establishment must have order and guidelines to thrive well and eliminate confusion. We have given a lot of thought to some policies that we feel will work to create the kind of community you will be proud to be part of.

A Clean and Presentable RV
No build up of slime, mildew or dirt on RV's.
Please no foil or plywood in windows.
Please do not store items under or around RV.  Small storage buildings are allowed as long as approved by management.
No trash or trash cans allowed. We have dumpsters in front and in back of park for your convenience.
Decks are allowed is they are movable.
No non-running vehicles are allowed and all must be tagged and up to date.
If your RV has a water leak it's your responsibility to have it repaired as soon as possible.
We ask that you maintain your area and keep it looking nice at all times.

2. Cooking Outdoors
Cooking on a grill or fire pit is allowed. Please cook at least 30' away from fence, to help prevent forest fires. 
Outdoor cooking is  not allowed when burn ban is in effect.
We welcome cookouts but loud boisterous partying and use of foul language is not permitted.
Be considerate to your neighbors.

3.  Pets
Pets are welcome but not allowed to run loose or be unattended. They must be on a leash and confined in your presence when outside. Remember to scoop when pets oops.You are allowed to use small dog pens but NO FENCINCING OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED! Pets are not allowed in common room, laundry room, or office.

Limit 2 pets per RV.

4. Laundry Room
Laundry room is open around clock for your convenience. There are three coin operated washer and dryers. Please do not overload machines or they will malfunction. Please remove your items from machines promptly when finished. If clothes are not removed, residents have the right to remove your items and put them on the table for you.

5. Rest Rooms
Four climate controlled rest rooms with showers are open 24 hours for your convenience. Please do not put femine hygiene products in toilets.We ask that you clean up after yourself for respect for the next person. If there is a concern with the bathrooms please report it to the Manager.

6. Speed Limit

We ask you drive slowly and use caution when driving in Rosewood Village driveways. Do not exceed 10 MPH. The corner by the office is very dangerous.There may be young children at play and their safety is a priority.

7. Quiet Time
Quiet time hours are between 9:00 P.M. and 8:00 A.M. for the entire park area including common room.

8. Proper Behavior
Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. No riding bikes on sidewalks around main building for the safety of others. Public intoxication or loud and offensive behavior is not allowed at any time. It is your responsibility to see that you and your guests conduct themselves in a safe and socially acceptable manner. Destructive actions will result in eviction, and a bill for the damages. The sale, distribution, or use of illegal drugs will result in eviction, and the local law enforcement will be notified.

9. Common Room

No Smoking, alcoholic beverages (putting alcoholic beverages in a glass or cup is not permitted either.)
No pets allowed in building except service dogs. We have provided many comforts of home in the common room for your pleasure. Provided is a TV with cable, Bumper pool and poker table, puzzles, and books. Please clean after yourselves so that the common area can be enjoyed at all times.
Pet Friendly